Leadership Development

Members have opportunities to engage in experiences that build essential skills, such as confidence, consensus and team building, event planning, conflict resolution and parliamentary procedure.

Our goal is to develop our daughters to be the leaders in all aspects of their life.  Starting with encouraging them to be leaders at their respective middle and high schools, to be leaders on their college campuses and and to be future leaders in board rooms and/or local, state, and global communities.

Class groups elect leaders to act as class officers each year.  Officers are paired with Chapter board members to learn about their newly elected role and its responsibilities. Grade level advisors also mentor the girls as they take more and ownership of the leadership of their class throughout the 6 year commitments. The girls lead their own meetings, plan cultural events and philanthropies, set the direction for their class activities for the year and make decisions on the use of class funds.

We want to empower our girls that they can and should make an impact in every stage of their lives.